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Readathon 2022

We are again running a World Book Day Readathon and we’d love your child to join in.

It’s been proven that children who read for pleasure are more likely to be successful and happy throughout their lives (OECD). Read more at

The children can choose whatever they want to read – from comics to classics and audio books to blogs – they are not being assessed, it’s all about reading for fun. And, they are motivated to read because the money they raise in sponsorship helps to provide new books for the school.

All the children need to do is:

1. Spend at least 10 minutes each day during book week (3rd – 10th March 2022), reading/listening and sharing stories.

2. GET SPONSORS! – If your child raises over £10 in sponsorship then they will receive a FREE book to keep as a reward.

All you have to do is:

1. Take a look at what they plan to read, or help them complete their list of books to read.

Remember they can read whatever they want: books, e-books, poetry, comics – anything goes! Sharing books is fine too (in fact recommended!) as well as listening to audio books.

2. Help your child find sponsors among family and friends.

The easiest – and only! – way to sponsor a child is right here, online at

Please support your child’s sponsored read as much as you can. The money raised will go towards making the school library an appealing place to be. With new furniture and new books that are more current, diverse and appealing to a wider range. With this in mind, we are aiming to raise £3,000 this year!

If your child raises over £10 they will be rewarded with a book.

After the sponsored read/listen, please make sure that all the sponsorship money is paid by Friday 18th March 2022.